Apple CEO Tim Cook Accused Of Hypocrisy Over Comments Relating To The Firm’s Human Rights Commitment

A leading FCC official has reportedly accused Apple CEO, Tim Cook of hypocrisy surrounding his recent statements about the company's long-term commitment to human rights.

A letter regarding this matter was published on Wednesday, where Brenden Carr claimed Apple was involved in the bidding of China via app removal from its respective App Store over there.

The FCC official directly outlined Cook’s recent speech where the Apple CEO referred to having privacy as a basic human right for all users. Moreover, Cook also shed light upon how his tech firm was involved in protecting its users through an intricately designed surveillance-based database.

But Carr’s letter on the controversial matter revealed how the Apple CEO’s words went against his own harsh actions being depicted across China.

The entire controversy is believed to have stemmed from Apple’s bold move of blocking the ‘Voice of America' application across China. Carr believed that this particular app served as an integral tool for all those who wished to gain uncensored information from a number of different authorities.

Therefore, Carr believes that moving forward, Apple must reevaluate its terms with China, with special emphasis on how extensively they carry out manufacturing activities in the country. Hence, this would better reflect the voices and values of so many global users.

The Insider was provided a recent statement by one Apple spokesperson who mentioned how in 2017, the company was informed by China’s Cyberspace Administration how the Voice of America app did not comply with their rules and regulations.

They also revealed how this was possibly related to the fact that the app didn’t have any license for operations in the country. Therefore, Apple says it had to abide by China’s local laws like they do in other places where the firm conducts business, even if they don’t agree.

In addition to that, the Apple spokesperson revealed how the app continues to be available to other global uses through download from the App store.

This is not the first time that the tech firm has been scrutinized for its Chinese operations. There was a controversial report stemming from May 2021 where the tech giant’s suppliers in the country were accused of being related to labor programs. Some of them involved Muslims from Uyghur that hailed from the country’s Xinjiang region.

And since Human Rights has already accused China of persecuting Uyghur Muslims, the backlash received by the company was significant.

Just last year, Tim Cook boldly mentioned that the company had every right to conduct business relations in any part of the world and China was included.

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