The horrible side of Instagram: From blackmailing to Crypto scams, here’s all you need to know

Instagram is a widely used social app with countless profiles and is a platform that offers the best interaction with friends and social circles. However, the app has a dark side too. Scammers and blackmailers are using this platform to cheat and deceive people by playing some heinous tactics.

Since the app was developed, it was just a place to share pictures and memories with your followers and friends but now everything has changed. ID thieves try to promote fake products and brands, scam the audience, or steal the profiles of users. The major concern is that people on Instagram often compare their lifestyles with others. They are easily fantasized about others’ lifestyles. Scammers post luxurious lifestyles and pictures to attract users’ attention and they pretend to be rich because they do so called business. However, this is not actually true. They offer opportunities for people to buy bitcoins from them or to invest money in forex trading. And in return they do scams. Instagram scammers usually do this by stealing the real identity of influencers and repurposing their data for their benefit. They direct messages (DM) from their fraud profiles to innocent people and ask for money by providing them with fake financial schemes and molding their thinking to purchase crypto from them.

It becomes very difficult for people to differentiate between the real one and the fake one and they usually fall into the scammer’s trap. It’s worth mentioning a case, about Yusko, who’s the chairman of Morgan Creek Capital Management andhe noticed several fake accounts running in his name. Scammers are going crazy in getting money and they don’t even care about disgracing or using someone’s name for their benefits.

In addition to these crypto scams, Instagram has also become a hub for blackmailing people by photoshopping their profiles and using them for sexual harassment and cyberbullying. Sadly, blackmailers are making scandals and demand money from the people on Instagram. They usually have empty profiles with the least followers, and they used them to circulate adult stuff. Blackmailers contact users through unsolicited direct messages and repeatedly urge a user to check the message they’ve sent to them.

Ideally, there should be a proper way to stop all this nonsense on Instagram. As of now, people report fake profiles and inappropriate accounts, but still, the tech giant is unable to satisfy the users. They do not follow up with the complaints and take a lot of time to take action against the crime. The best way to protect yourself from these scams is to be cautious enough while accepting any stranger’s follow request. If you find someone who is promoting forex and urge you to invest money, simply block those profiles. Also, do not follow your friend’s second account unless you directly confirm the identity.

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