Study shows 33 percent of Netflix services are used in more than one household

Netflix is an American subscription streaming facility which was launched on 29 August, 1997 it was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. Netflix is an online streaming facility that allows the users to stream a wide diversity of award winning shows, anime, movies, documentaries and much more. The user does not get interrupted even by a single commercial. All of this, for low subscription charges, once every month. Netflix is a leading premium service that allows almost around 222 million subscribers present worldwide to stream online videos, movies and shows of their choices.

There is plenty of evidence that people living in different houses or even different cities share accounts with their friends, family members or partners. Which as per Netflix's terms and conditions is a defiance to stream the content with others that are not living with you. Therefore making it technically illegal for the users to share their accounts. But the majority of people are doing it anyway. A study from “Leichtman Research Group" reveals that around 15 percent of the users have asked for the Netflix accounts from their open handed family members or friends. Moreover this study also revealed that around 3 percent users do not actually pay for their Netflix account because of the fact that it comes free with some other service, while 15 percent users share their account with others and 15 percent users are the receiver of their generosity. Whereas, the remaining 64 percent users actually pay for their accounts and keep their login credentials restricted to their family members only.

A few days ago, Netflix authorities revealed that they are going to experiment with a “sub account" plan at approximately $2.99 per month in Peru, Costa Rica and Chile. Due to the fact that during the crucial times of COVID-19, the production of TV shows and movies came to halt and as a result the growth of Netflix users started to decline. Due to this decline in user’s growth and increased shared accounts, Netflix is having a hard time producing shows due to the limited budget.

Therefore, to eradicate this issue Netflix has come up with a plan to provide customers the capacity to feature as much as two "subsidiary accounts", specially for the customers who do not stay in the same house as the individual that pays for the account. The accounts are supposed to make it less difficult to stream Netflix, and now no longer pay a complete account's worth.

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