Social Media: A Versatile Medium For Toddlers, Adults, Youth and Old Age

As we are the generation of social media and today without social media, the world feels incomplete or even immobile and disabled.

Nowadays, social media is used through different platforms. There is a huge variety of social media apps available on all smartphones. Apart from chatting and communication, these apps are also for many other purposes.

However, some apps are subjected for a certain age groups, like some apps are desired to be used by adults only, while some are for children. Some general apps are also available for overall public. Though these regulations are not followed by everyone and mostly people violate these restrictions. Following is the data that shows the usage of different apps by different age groups during the year 2021. The data is taken from Pew Research Center.

The data is based on 4 age groups i.e. 18-29 years, then 30-49 years, after that 50-64 years and lastly 65 years to so on. The chart below (courtesy of FlowingData) included 11 different apps in the research, namely YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Next door, Reddit and TikTok. Let’s look at the trends of app usage among different groups.

While talking about 18-29 years age group people, they are all adults and grown up and according to the data 84% at minimum used anyone sites among them. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are the most used apps in the same mentioned order.

Then the second age group i.e. 30-49 years. They gave a slightly lower percentage then the previous ones, as 81% of them used 1 app at minimum. While the top 4 apps were YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn respectively.

The third age group is like the early old age people I.e. from 50 to 64 years. They have the ratio of 73%, who used minimum 1 app. The percentage is a bit surprising but as this is the era of social media. Well, the top apps were YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The last age group that was considered was from 65 years to so on. They are also following the trend nowadays and so 45% of them used at least 1 app. This number is quite Astonishing. The most used apps were Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

The fact here is that YouTube and Facebook are there in all age group’s top 4 apps, while all apps other than the mentioned apps were at different positions for all age groups. While some trends of apps were also seen along with age groups. Facebook was most liked by the elder people similarly Snapchat, Reddit and TikTok seemed to be the favorite of youth. But Pinterest surprised as it was showing its growth in older people as compared to youth. LinkedIn was the center of attraction for middle age groups who were looking for jobs or somehow interested in such stuff. Next door is linked with homes, so it goes for older people’s interest.

All these apps were made for different age groups as per their interest, needs, demands and focus. However, some app’s trends were odd too.

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