Reddit is rolling out these new features for its mobile app as well

The most popular online social communication forum Reddit is known for updating daily news and combining web content for its millions of active users. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi posted a couple of tweets on his Twitter account updating about the new features that are about to be rolled out by the Reddit app and said that they are currently working on two main features.

Firstly, the company is about to update the Reddit video threads. When some user posts any original content on their profile, their friends and other users can now remake and post their own videos and post below the original post. There is an option under the original post of ‘create video thread’ along with the options of save, share, hide, and delete. By clicking on that option, users will be allowed to thread with the original creator and can make and post videos. Moreover, the original video creator also has two options to whether ‘allow video threads’ or ‘don’t allow video threads’, which means that other users cannot create threads unless the original creator doesn’t allow them to do so.

Steve Moser also tweeted that he found options of ‘tap and hold to pause the video while you react’ which means that Reddit users will be allowed to react on the post while not missing out any part of the video, as they can hold the video, pause it, and then react on the video. Only the owner of the video has the authority to ‘Let people react to your video by adding their own video to the end of it’. They are the ones to decide whether people can add their own videos as a reaction to their posts or they cannot.

The second feature Alessandro reported about, is the comment search feature. The company is working to make the search easier for its users by adding the ‘search comment’ feature which will reduce unexpected and irrelevant searches. This feature is currently only available for desktop users but soon it’s going to be available for mobile users as well. With this new feature, Reddit users accessing through their mobile phones can specify their search results and directly search for the particular comment or discussion in a particular community they are looking for. They will no longer need to scan through all the comments and search several posts to find the threads they are looking for.

On their home feed, when they click on the search bar, they’ll now get a variety of search categories such as search posts, search profiles, search communities and now search comments as well. With the help of this new feature, everything is now easily searchable for the users, which also makes Reddit the first social communication forum with this ability.

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