American Consumers Are Annoyed And Sick Of Due To Counterfeit Products in Markets

Nowadays, fake and duplicate products are widely available in markets and the irony is that those copies are very much similar to the original ones and it is actually hard to find differences among them. Although nowadays customer satisfaction has gained great importance in every business and Social Media has made it more consumer focused in order to make a positive image of business, such duplicates are still available in the markets. The duplicates are usually made for posh items which are originally high in price.

The interesting fact is that they are much cheaper as compared to the original one and this is the factor that made them more attractive for the consumers because it might be a treat if someone gets a product similar to the original but at a very low price. Specifically, it is attractive for people with a shortage of money.

However with all these virtues, the Americans are not very satisfied with cloned products and even so they have rejected the idea by giving some very serious and valid points against it.

For this sake a survey was done i.e. 'Statista’s Global Consumer Survey' which includes the opinions of 1084 American individuals, specifically who bought any posh item during the last 2 years. The survey shows very interesting statistics about this discussion and made it very clear what the majority think about such products.

As per the survey, only 12.5% of individuals think that it is not wrong in any sense to buy or use duplicate products. However 15% think that fake products can be bought occasionally like in some cases but it is not okay to buy them every time.

24% individuals come with a different thought that these fake products may be harmful for the mediator, arbiter or anyone else who is somehow linked with the sale and purchase. 30% wants action against the brand stealing through such duplicates and so 30% says that it is a misdeed to sell duplicate or counterfeit products and so its purchase is also a misdeed.

36.9% believe that the duplicates are always low in quality when compared with the original products and so it is not a right deal to buy them. Although 38.9% are sure about their opinion that they wouldn’t want to buy any duplicate product in any case.

Consecutively, with the above discussed ratios, it can be clearly seen that people are not in favor of counterfeit products and they have some serious and valid points for such opinions.

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