Reddit has now launched an update that will allow users to search for comments

Reddit is a platform that can very easily be labeled as GenZ’s favorite forum as it is the epicenter of many controversial talks. Ever since the website was launched in 2005 it has been gaining users steadily. As every app needs updates to stay afloat, Reddit does as well.

Users sometimes need to go deep into an old post and dig up any comment from the post. This task would prove tedious for the user as they would have to dig very deep so Reddit has launched a series of updates that will make anything on the app searchable whether it be Posts, users, conversations and the newest addition comments.

Reddit users will now have the ability to search for comments using the search bar and also can filter the search to make the results more relevant. Before this new update to search for a specific comment a user would have to click on the post and browse through the replies to find that specific comment but now with this feature the user will just have to enter the query that they need and just set the filter to comments so it will restrict the results to only showing comments. This change was made because when Reddit conducted a survey last year about what new features the users want, this was the most requested one.

Now Reddit is also working to improve those search results because nothing is ever perfect and just because it works doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. Reddit is working on how to make the results more relevant to the original query.

They are working on making the query results less restrictive which means that the results don’t have to match 100% of the original query. Also using AI, the app will try to understand the intention behind the query’s phrasing so that the results can be improved. Last but not the least they will use ranking as well. For example, if four different people click on the same post when they search for the same keyword, when the fifth one searches for the same Reddit will put that post on the top.

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