Data shows, Reddit’s growth spikes up 25%

Reddit is a social media app that is loved by many users. The platform happens to be the center for many controversial talks and radical ideas. It is also a place that is used mostly by GenZ.

Because of the amount of mobile users Reddit has its growth spike and it is quite understandable as Reddit on April 1st re-initiated its social experiment called r/Place which is an experiment which allows users to create pictures by arranging one pixel at a time within a time period of 5 to 20 minutes. This re-installment led to an unbelievable rise in the daily amount of active users. Three days later, when the numbers were compared to the last year’s edition, there was a 25% rise.

According to data released by Sensor Tower this rise even surpassed the Meme stock one that appeared early in 2021 and numbers surged even then; but this 4-day event beat the average of a 3-week one by 31%. The latter lasted from January 31st to February 10th.
What’s more is that Reddit has topped the most popular free app for iPhone in Turkey, Belgium and France. This is a first for Reddit as it has never hit that much reach in those specific markets, however on the contrary the app is in the top hundred for about 54 different countries. According to estimates from Sensor Tower Reddit has been downloaded about 612,000 times in the past 3 days. This is a rise of 17% from the last 3 days of March which accommodated about 523,000 downloads only.

Reddit is also exploring the possibility of going public this year which means that Reddit stocks will be available for interested people to buy and sell. This could increase the company value to almost over 15 billion dollars. The company has filed for an IPO which is the short form of Initial Public Offering and is basically the basic amount at which a company goes public for stock exchange.

The thing is that, Reddit is a quite popular app which shows in the reactions to the experiments which have been conducted. They are taking inspiration from apps like TikTok and are working towards user made content being highlighted and user willingness is being tested for the same.

To sum it all up, Reddit is an app that is slowly but steadily working its way into making its place in the world of the internet permanently.

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