Qubits: Google Revolutionizing The Understanding Of Quantum Mechanics

The word quantum is known by many of us, but very few dare approach its understanding. This World Quantum Day, the widely known platform known as Google, took the responsibility to make quantum knowledge more accessible to every person.

World Quantum Day is celebrated each year on April 14. It is an initiative that incites all scientists, engineers, stem field enthusiasts and technologists to host and organize their activities regarding the said topic. There are outreach talks, panels, interviews and uncountable debates regarding quantum and its future. Google did not shy away from the challenge and launched a game to mark the occasions.

The game is known as The Qubit Game. It is designed in such a way that as a player goes through the game, small tidbits of quantum field and its working are presented. You protect the qubits from the heat, collect information and update your system all the way to a supercomputer. Google hopes that this game will interest its young audience in the quantum field.

How does this exactly attract people to the field? The game assumes no knowledge of the quantum field, its working, math and physics. You do not need to be a STEM student or a scientist to be able to make your way through the game. All you need is enthusiasm!

To make the game enjoyable and not monotonous, Google put upgrades. You start off with a single Qubit and wait for it to generate information. Be on the constant lookout for the heat particles as they will reset the Qubit working to zero. Once the information is generated, click on the Qubit, and it will be stored in the total information. Information is sort of the currency of the quantum world. Once you have enough of it, you can put it to use and get upgrades like a faster generation of information by the Qubits or a super coolant that will ease your worries of the system overheating. Keep collecting information and upgrading until you have your very own supercomputer!

The unique way of introducing the world to quantum mechanics is spreading like wildfire. One cannot help but ask why is it so vital that we attract people to this field? What importance does this industry hold that platforms like Google are actively working on leaning people's interest in the area? Many, including giant platforms like Google, believe that quantum is the future of the world. It can help solve complex problems by stimulating variables that are hard to understand. While different opinions are present on quantum's importance in today's world, most of them agree that it can be used to lead a spectrum of industrial applications. It is not just limited to technology's advancement but also may play a part in more efficient and renewable energy.

The game is targeted towards K-12; however, it is available to the general public. Google also provides a comprehensive guide that is embedded in the game. If you are interested, be sure to check it out to get extra information regarding the Quantum field.

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