Microsoft Edge to add two new interesting features; the Editor for Grammar Corrections and the other one is Web Content Selection Feature

Microsoft has rolled out two advanced features in its browser i.e. Microsoft Edge. These handy features will be associated with the selecting option of content appearing on the web and the other one is the incorporation of Editor to enhance the quality of text through it by reducing grammatical/formatting errors.

While the integration of Microsoft Editor has been revealed a few months ago. While the Web select feature was announced 2 years ago and also being tested since ninth month of 2020 i.e. November. Both features will be available on the browser as soon as the version is updated.

Some important details and essentials of both new features are described below.

Earlier the Microsoft Editor was present like an additional extension to the browser which needs to be installed separately. But now it will be integrated with the Microsoft Edge browser to reduce the complexity of using two different extensions. Microsoft Editor has a potential competitor Grammar and they both provide assistance in making the text grammatically correct and also highlights the punctuation errors so that the text can be more meaningful and easy to understand. This is multilingual as it may operate in 20 different languages. However, it will work on the one language at a time that is selected in your browser. As Microsoft said, the editor will become more advanced and competent as they will be bringing up another new feature i.e. text prediction in 5 different languages including English and Spanish. This feature will make Microsoft Editor more compatible and more convenient for users to write like never before.

The second feature which will be introduced is Web Select which comes up in public with a little difference in its name that was earlier smart copy when the feature was first announced. It is also ready to be introduced to the public after quite long time of its announcement and then testing. It enables to select and copy the complete tables, images or even text along with its formatting, which can be paste to any document or note as it is. Due to its copying feature, it is also known as smart copy. The web select or smart copy feature is completely different from a previously introduced feature of Microsoft i.e. web capture, because web capture only enables to click screenshot of a page or image etc. and add it as an interpretation. That’s why it was not that attractive as it only allows to get a snapshot of a page.

These latest features can only be used on the updated version of Microsoft Edge. To find the updated version, go to the top right corner and select menu with three dots, then select Help and feedback on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Conclusively, both these features make the digital working more convenient as they eliminated the need of using different extensions or browsers for multiple tasks like spell check, grammar check, and copy and paste of images, tables and other content.

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