Microsoft Consolidates All Of Its Android Projects By Unifying Them Under One Internal Division

Microsoft is working hard at strengthening all of its Android initiatives and that’s why the tech giant is planning to unify them under one division, as per reports.

From its Android hardware to its smartphone too, Microsoft is known to dive down deep with its Android projects. And that’s exactly why you’ll find the tech giant continually offering an array of services for its mobile operations like OneDrive and its Microsoft Launcher.

Therefore, the time has now arrived for Microsoft to combine the development teams of these Android projects as one to unify and simplify its workings.

A recent internal letter from Windows Central was revealed where the company’s Chief Product Officer spoke about how it planned to shift its employees under a single team. Moreover, he even stated how the new workforce would now be referred to as AMPX. And in case you’re wondering about what that represents, well, it’s the Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences.

This breakthrough team will not only incorporate the OS team of Android that is known to carry out its software updates, but it will also have members arising from the app’s own development groups.

As far as who’s in charge, well, not too many surprises here as the unit will receive leadership under Ali Akgun who is the company’s CVP for Surface. In addition to him, other leading executives could be seen shifting their roles to help accommodate the new change.

Previously, we all witnessed the company’s apps like Launcher and Swiftkey being made and handled under the brand’s Mobile Experiences unit but with this new shift in place, you can well find these individuals solely focusing on Android.

Microsoft says that its decision of carrying out a new organizational shift has come after great thinking and evaluation of the current situation that it hopes can positively impact the company. Similarly, it also spoke about how the decision was also in the best interest of both their patrons as well as their customers involved.

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