Meta Puts Thrilling VR Additions On Display At Its Gaming Showcase Event

As you can probably guess by now, Meta has shifted full focus on its virtual Metaverse.

With a due emphasis on the world of VR, it only made so much more sense that the world of gaming would soon turn into a center point. Remember, the gaming culture has been trending for quite some time now. Therefore, Meta has decided to take full advantage of creating impactful connections with great engagement.

This is one of the many reasons why the company chose to focus on a plethora of new VR additions with relevant gaming titles. Similarly, it was nice to see them highlighting better hand tracking with great control too. And it’s obvious that such features would serve a great purpose in the Metaverse space.

Meta unveiled a number of upcoming game titles that it hopes will attract great interest:
  • Resident Evil 4:- The classic from FPS is coming to VR
  • NFL Pro Era- This will be the first version of NFL in the world of VR that comes with an official license.
  • Among US VR- The trending game has arrived on VR headsets
  • Beat Saber’s Electronic Mixtape- The famous VR franchise gets revamped
  • Ghostbusters- The classic game has a modern VR twist where you can carry out a virtual ghost wrangling adventure.
Other than offering great value for entertainment, the new gaming editions are incorporating VR advancements. This gives them a new sense of control that integrates the VR realm seamlessly.

But the additions don’t stop there. Andrew Bosworth who is the CTO for Meta also displayed modern hand-tracking. This will ultimately give rise to a wide range of selections for better control in the VR realm.

So, what are the benefits of all these new advancements? Well, Meta says the innovative gaming systems are to expand a far-fetched approach to adopting VR. Similarly, the new tools with updates can create new protocols to excel with VR control and better access.

At the end of the day, it’s all about helping games shift to the Metaverse and VR in particular.

In case you were not already aware, gaming is a cultural phenomenon now and has the best interests of both this generation and the next. And with an expected time frame of just 5 to 10 years, we may as well see gamers entering the workforce. This will be the real-time when the world of VR takes off.

The phenomenon being used here is very similar to what the platform used for its Facebook Workplace program. Now, training times have been reduced in the workforce, thanks to Facebook providing a great platform for various tools that can now be used in the office. And the end result is greater productivity.

Keeping that example in mind, Meta hopes its VR will soon follow in the same footsteps where games will be more familiar with controls and commands, which will soon be used for so many applications.

Yes, gaming is also about having a great time but here, we see it serving a much bigger purpose. And what better time than now to boost VR headsets from Meta. After all, gaming is the best boredom killer in the pandemic.

Some critics have already begun raising concerns relating to the mental impact these games can have on health or even factors like motion sickness could actually kill all the fun. But new studies have proven that different games have various impacts on a player’s wellbeing.

Hence, Meta will surely need to monitor that before it gets severely criticized to push the gaming phenomenon ahead by weighing out possible concerns of harm.

While some people are yet to understand how close the Metaverse is to actually becoming a reality, all we can say is that the day isn’t far so brace yourselves.

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