Meta Gives Facebook Green Signal For Sharing Reels From Different Apps

Facebook’s parent company Meta has reportedly issued the platform a green signal for sharing of reels from different third-party applications.

The new feature was announced on Tuesday where it will incorporate a ‘Sharing to Reels’ button.

With this method, developers will now allow so many users to share exciting video content from their own apps and then directly post them on Facebook.

The head of Meta’s product management, John McCarthy, explained how the new update will be a part of all third-party applications that will feature a tab that gives them the ability to share concise videos on Facebook by making any changes via editing tools from the Reels. This includes adding sound, text, stickers, captions, or other animated effects.

McCarthy hopes that this will make it so much easier for users as they no longer have to download video-based content and then upload it later. Now, creating and sharing videos through the tap of a single button will be possible.

Meta also shed light on the new launch by confirming how a number of its partners were already a part of the integrated feature. This included Vita, VivaVideo, and Smule as well, who already have the sharing option for reels added to their apps.

In case you’re wondering what the benefits of this new and exciting feature will be, well, Meta was kind enough to put that aspect into sight too.

They believe it can do wonders at assisting so many more people to reach a greater target audience through its platform while allowing it to one step further with the option to share on Facebook’s stories.

Developers can now easily integrate third-party apps with the platform’s stories in a direct and convenient manner.

Interestingly, the new update’s announcement comes just as Facebook announced its Reels option for worldwide users, which was previously restricted only to those based in the US.

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