Google Has Improved Chrome Desktop Auto-fill And Now It No Longer Covers The Texts

Almost every day we have to open Google from Chrome. These days, most of the Chrome features are carried out by server-side updates. But before that, we all know that the chrome features were handled by browser updates. This little change has resulted in a lot of different updates in Chrome. One of the most recent examples that we experienced was the slight change in Chrome Desktop by Google. Google has improved the auto-fill pop up that appears on the Chrome desktop which will greatly affect visibility whenever you need to fill a form.

Before this improvement, Chrome desktop's texts were aligned with the texts on the left side of the screen. After clicking on them, the autofill pop up used to appear at the left but now Google has made it according to the users' ease. When those buttons were on the left, it was quite hard to comprehend the prompts as all the important features like names, addresses, searches etc were aligned on the left side above or side of the desktop and the autofill used to cover all of it. Now, Google is working to make the autofill at the center of the desktop.

Chrome is now working on making pop up towards the center of the screen, not at the sides. The center alignment will help in seeing the texts properly. The sideway borders were creating big problems with file visibilities. Now it is all sorted out with the center alignment. Even though you will have an auto-fill popup at the center, the wide-field may remain the same.

You can also see this change in browsers as this new feature has also been updated there. The autofill has been introduced a little bit lower than the previous ones. This way you can see all the suitable icons that go with the type of information on your desktop. You can easily use them with texts being seen now.

This little but significant improvement started happening at the start of January and now it is available on almost all chrome desktops, especially on Chrome 100 and Chrome 101, as reported by 9to5G. People are relieved with this change and if it still isn't available for you, you must have to enable the flag with a link. Apart from this, this update will be ready for you whenever you restart your browser. This version 101 is all ready for desktop and mobile users.

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