Meta Celebrates Earth Day By Launching New Features On Messenger While Raising Awareness Of Climate Change

Meta has pledged to stay true to its efforts of protecting the environment and promoting sustainability as it rolled out new features on Facebook Messenger in honor of Earth Day.

This entailed a plethora of options for so many users to participate in the initiative while raising awareness of issues like climate change and ways to embrace sustainability.

To kick things off, Messenger opted to mark the occasion with its launch of camera stickers that can be found in the thread too. These visually appealing features were created by renowned digital artist Aran Quinn. He says the ultimate aim was to promote nature in our everyday world using pictures of various plants and animals that instill organic vibes.

Similarly, you’ll find Meta putting in Word Effects via Earth themes, not to mention some interesting 3D stickers that come embedded with environmentally friendly words like climate and nature.

The company announced its decision to also join the bandwagon for group effects to celebrate Earth Day. And that’s why they plan on moving ahead with their collab with The Ellen Show. Here is where they’ll promote Ellen’s famous ‘Heads Up’ game on smartphones to ensure environmentally friendly competition across the board.

Meta has also chosen to include its Messenger Kids app in the celebration where users can find some unique frames in Earth Day themes, alongside cute stickers and AR masks that promote kids to participate and engage more too.

Keeping in mind the worsening climate change alerts issued every year, Meta says it’s all the more necessary to promote awareness whenever possible. And this is especially with the younger generation so that it’s certain that appropriate measures are taken.

Meta says it is doing everything it can to play a role in cracking down on information that surrounds denial of the environmental crisis. Therefore, it says sharing authentic facts and ensuring true action is taken continues to be a challenge they face in the public eye.

But the company is doing whatever it can and hopes to promote climate conversations whenever possible.

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