LinkedIn Has Released An Infographic Detailing How The Marketing Industry Has Been Shaken Up In A Post-Pandemic Society

LinkedIn has shared data and insights regarding some of the most sought after marketing skills in the industry, as well as detailing how marketers are adapting to a post-pandemic world.

LinkedIn has become a rather essential tool in the arsenal of any individual looking for a job out there in a post-COVID environment. With remote work and online workplaces having been established across the globe, employers have finally learned to get the hang of the internet, no matter their age. Recruitments, meetings, tasks, and so much more can easily be scheduled online that even now, with COVID restrictions having been mostly lifted, many offices and other such work environments are allowing their employees to opt for either remote work or their IRL presence.

With so many individuals being near-constantly online, it follows that online marketing as a field also has to work double time in order to fully take advantage of a growing potential audience. In the LinkedIn’s most recent publication, labeled “The Great Reshuffle, The New World of Work & Your Employer Brand”, the platform details just how employee-employer relationships have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and what employees are looking for in the perfect job description. In this infographic, marketing seems to be taking a very central role, with LinkedIn detailing just how many more individuals are joining the foray to apply for job; and more importantly, how many have actively left their jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a rough time for everyone across the board, no doubt about it. However, it seemed to have exposed a vein of bitterness in the USA’s working class, leading to many employees leaving their jobs in search of better prospects. This even led to many managers across chain stores in the country to actively drive up benefits and salaries to incentivize literally any help coming their way. 2022 even saw the formation of Amazon’s first ever union, as the company notorious for taking advantage of its workforce started getting some pushback. The global market industry, making self-contained waves of its own, saw 31% of individuals leaving their jobs across 2020-2021. That approximates to over 600,000 individuals in the field; and that’s just on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, despite many individuals in the marketing industry leaving their jobs for better prospects, there’s still a lot more joining aboard. Individuals skilled in social media advertising saw a year over year raise of 102%, with other categories such as Instagram, presentation skills, content marketing, and brand awareness taking high precedence on the list as well.

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