iOS Users Could Soon Get Their First Dual-Port Power Adapter As Apple Explores New Territory

If you happen to be an avid iPhone user then we bet you’re quite familiar with how Apple isn’t keen on state-of-the-art power adapters.

For instance, the company took years to incorporate gallium nitride in its latest MacBook Pro. Similarly, the tech giant took more than an ample amount of time to get out of the basic 5W adapters for its smartphones.

Now, however, iOS users may have something to look forward to soon, hopefully, as the company is rumored to be on the verge of a new exploration.

As recently revealed by reports from 9to5Mac, the tech giant has put up a document on its website for a ‘35W dual USB-C Power Adapter’ and it’s safe to say the news has many of us excited.

While the company is yet to give out any hints, details, specifications, or even visuals on the matter, one thing we know for sure is how the new accessory is going to support the standards of fast charging via USB Power.

But there are plenty of unanswered questions that still remain in so many people’s minds. How will the brick actually give users special features? Would it be using GaN for its functioning? And while the guessing games continue, experts believe the fact that it’s 35W is a clear indication that it’s solely reserved for iPhones and not the MacBook.

Imagine having the luxury of charging your latest iPhone, which supports 27W, and having enough power left to perhaps charge those Airpods or maybe your handy Apple Watch.

We know what many of you may already be thinking. Chargers based on multi-port technology are not exactly new but it’s actually a great investment for those in search of an innovative charging solution.

For now, Apple has not said when users can expect the release of the new accessory. But predictions estimate how the debut could potentially be a few months from today.

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