Instagram Announces Removal Of Its ‘Recent Tab’ Feature For Some Users In New Test

Instagram has just announced the removal of the ‘Recent Tab’ feature for some of its users, which is said to be a part of its new test.

The platform clarifies that some users will not find the Recent Tab option across numerous hashtag pages starting Tuesday.

For those who are still not aware, the feature transfers users to a certain page where you can go through specific content that pertains to a particular hashtag like recent, reels, or top. Therefore, with this effect in place, some users will only be seeing the top and reels option across their pages.

At the moment, the new test is being launched for a small number of users but it could potentially be viewed as a change that markets the Reels option which is known to be a competitive target against TikTok. Similarly, experts believe it is a strategy that better focuses on posts that receive the greatest amount of engagement through the platform.

Nevertheless, the change may not be welcomed by all, especially those who prefer the choice to follow the latest content when correlated with hashtags.

Similarly, they hope this new test would help link users with more relevant and exciting content via hashtags while making sure they are up to date with current happenings.

Instagram also spoke about how it hopes the change would make people value hashtags more.

Just last week, Instagram launched its ‘Destinations feature’ which was another test that allows users to explore more social causes via hashtags. Hence, when users are in search of a particular hashtag linked with a particular movement, they can help show support via the hashtag option.

After arriving at the hashtag of choice, users may press Support and explore more about it or simply click on Spread The Word which allows you to share the page with friends through direct messages.

Another recent test that many are speaking about is Instagram’s ‘Create a Fundraiser’ feature that allows users to begin raising money for any non-profit organization of their choice. All funds raised will go to the charity delineated with the platform covering all the processing fees required, as usual.

Clearly, the new test is an indication of how hard the app is trying to revamp hashtags on the platform and that means we can expect to see some more exciting and new experiments soon.

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