Google’s Latest Lawsuit Accuses Tech Firm Of Locking Users Into Its Ecosystem With Maps Products

A lawsuit has been filed against Google recently that accuses the company of locking users within its own designated ecosystem, reports Bloomberg.

The tech giant appears to be struck with the antitrust allegations by a number of organizations that claim Google’s latest mapping service restrictions confine so many users.

To be more specific, the company’s digital mapping products were put into question that has recently been acquired via quick acquisitions in a competitive manner. The end result is a bundle of mapping services that many feel Google has started taking advantage of, once a user becomes locked in because the firm can then increase the costs of map products.

The lawsuit was put forward by one California-based firm that specializes in online marketing called Dream Big, alongwith two other companies that alleged the same.

Reports claim the allegations seem to focus more on Google Maps terms of service, but Directions and Places were also reportedly mentioned in the complaint.

To help avoid brand confusion, Google prevents its users from using other mapping services, as stated in the terms and conditions section.

The firms alleging the complaints continue to argue how these terms of conditions are a complete violation of antitrust policies and should be removed with immediate effect.

Google has been the center of speculation in the past too where many feel it tries its best to get away with market dominance in an incorrect manner. Similarly, the fact that Google prevents the display of any other maps near its web page is another striking point worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, a statement was recently issued by the tech giant’s spokesperson who blatantly disagreed with all the allegations. He mentioned how Google will strongly defend itself when the time comes.

Additionally, he revealed how Google does not restrict developers from sticking to its platform, confirming that they’re free to use any other mapping service as per preference.

Experts have pointed out that the lawsuit heavily draws from the report released in 2020 on how Google commands a mighty 80% share of the overall market when it comes to online mapping.

Interestingly, this particular case comes just a few weeks after the country’s Justice Department increased investigations over Google and its limitations surrounding mapping data.

But this is not the first time that the company is being accused of antitrust measures as so many other government officials, along with advertisers and developers accused them of doing the same. However, this particular lawsuit filed seems to be the first one filed that targets mapping services.

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