Google Play Store Strikes 28.3 Billion Downloads During First Quarter Of 2022

A new performance report has highlighted Google Play Store’s massive increase in downloads, reaching a staggering figure of 28.3 billion.

The report shed light on how a major chunk of the credit goes to Instagram which led the pack in terms of popular choice for Google Play downloads amongst users. These results align with this year’s first quarter and in case you haven’t guessed by now, TikTok beat out all others for the greatest number of downloads.

SenorTower recently delineated how the entire Play Store saw more than 28.3 billion downloads in the first quarter alone, and that’s being called out as a moderate growth when compared with stats from the previous year.

However, Google’s Play Store did edge out against Apple, which was only able to secure 8.6 million downloads in the same time duration.

When it came down to the most popular apps for downloads around the globe, there were no surprises here. TikTok was number one, beating all others with 3.5 billion downloads across both Play Store and App Store.

The next three slots went to Meta’s family of apps that included Instagram, followed by Facebook, and then WhatsApp. And to complete the top five, it was Telegram. But it was quite clear how Android downloads were the clear preference for new users.

The report broke down the stats for Android, where Instagram and Facebook were clear winners, getting almost 120 million downloads. The third spot for Android went to TikTok, which was slightly short of reaching the 120 million mark during the first quarter.

If we look at the US target market specifically, you’ll notice how TikTok clearly won hearts there.

Another worthy mention is Google which couldn’t maintain its position as a leading publisher on the Play Store and App Store. Also, Meta had more downloads in comparison to apps owned by Google.

Gaming for mobile phones continued to be a leading favorite for users’ downloads, which saw a 2.1% growth. Common choices included Merge Master and Garena Free Fire.
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