Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Doesn’t Believe In Any Permanent Bans Other Than Illegal Activity

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s former CEO is sharing a few thoughts after the successful takeover of Elon Musk as the platform’s new owner.

Dorsey boldly claims he does not believe in any permanent bans for the platform, other than those reserved for illegal activity.

The news came during the afternoon hours of Friday when Dorsey released a thread that many described as incredibly vague, considering its timing during Twitter’s new acquisition by Musk.

Dorsey reiterated the fact that he’s mentioned several times in the past that permanent bans are never a good idea and they shouldn’t ever be possible either. Hence, he says this gives rise to the need for a set protocol in place that prevents such things from happening.

The former CEO stepped down from his leading position last year in November and is currently working for Block as its Block Head.

Dorsey continued his thread by shedding light on how he’s tried his best to leave Twitter for a while in terms of a much-needed break. And during that time he realized that the firm is doing a pretty good job, considering the amount of information that it’s provided with.

With that, the former CEO also took full ownership of how all decisions made during his tenure were a part of his responsibility. In addition to that, he added that there were always some cases where even he felt that he and his team had gone a tad bit too far. And that’s when they worked hard to correct it.

The thread failed to point out any incident or mention any person in particular but it’s quite obvious that he’s hinting at the platform’s most memorable moments in terms of controversies.

It’s no surprise that these incidents are resurfacing, ever since Musk took charge. And the biggest one of them all is related to banning former US President Donald Trump from the platform. Similarly, we saw a temporary ban over the controversial article put up by the New York Post. It had shed light on Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop.

In case you weren’t already aware, the company’s CLO is currently in the line of fire after billionaire Elon Musk shared a meme about her.

All this puts one thing into perspective. Should those engaged in a controversy be allowed to post on the platform or not? After all, there’s that hanging risk of spreading misinformation that’s always on so many people’s minds.

In the same thread, Dorsey revealed how Twitter is constantly faced with a dilemma regarding such issues. While some issues may be corrected instantly, others require deep thought and a change in the entire system.

The former CEO says that getting feedback of all kinds and having the power to address that is what really matters in the end. And if done correctly and with great transparency, there’s nothing better.

Dorsey has mentioned that he is happy with Musk taking over and has trust in his command and mission, as well as the goals he’s delineated since day one.

But critics are having doubts because if the company’s owner starts posting memes about its own team members, how can one expect transparency from the app.

Dorsey concluded by saying his biggest failing was improving and understanding how the Twitter service works at a fast pace. But he hopes Musk will address it with ease.

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