Elon Musk May Change Twitter’s CEO And Charge Users For Quoting Tweets From Verified Sources

After taking power as Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk was expected to bring a number of changes. And a new report from Reuters sheds light on what users could soon expect from the platform.

The first change is related to charging users when quoting or embedding Tweets obtained from verified sources. Previously, all third-party websites were free to do the same at no additional cost but now, they’re going to have to pay very soon.

The new proposal suggested by Musk was mentioned in the Reuters report when the Tesla owner spoke to bankers while finalizing loans worth $16 billion to make his bombshell deal.

Other talks with the respective party included how the billionaire wished to generate more money for the platform while cutting down on costs along the way.

While the tweet may now be deleted, Elon Musk did shed light on how he planned to put an end to the company’s reliance on advertisements as a means to generate more funds.

It’s quite obvious that charging users for embedding tweets is one way to do it but it will definitely come at the cost of making plenty of people upset. This includes both those arising from the media sector and users in general. But again, we’d have to wait and see how exactly Musk plans out the final rollout.

After all, Twitter may limit this quoting functionality but it cannot do much at putting a halt to media organizations who will quote data from tweets seen on the platform. Similarly, it doesn’t take too much effort to simply screenshot one tweet either.

But another major change that has the world talking has to do with Reuters delineating a possible change in Twitter’s CEO. Yes, Musk has already lined up someone that he feels could do a better job at handling this position.

The fact that Parag Agrawal could soon be out the window has the workforce on alert as there are some speculations that the Twitter house could undergo a cleanup to reduce costs.
For now, Elon Musk is not addressing any comments relating to the matter, and nor are we seeing Twitter come forward with statements. But one thing is very clear. Changes by Elon Musk for Twitter will be nothing less than a controversy because that is how the Tesla owner is known to roll.

Musk has stated previously how he’s buying the company with a number of goals in mind. Firstly, he’d like to promote freedom of speech and that means scaling back on the current policies of limiting content in place.

This came with the target of enhancing the platform with innovative features and adding open-source algorithms, not to mention beating out spam by bots too.

Recently, we found another new addition to the list when Musk tweeted how he would like to incorporate end-to-end encryption while stressing about having the most fun. This came at the expense of trolling all those who arise from the far left, a group known to criticize Musk for all his endeavors.

Dado Ruvic / reuters
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