Facebook’s Downfall In Popularity Continues As App Expected To Lose 1.5 Million Teenage Users

The new generation is even more equipped with social media and its raging trends than anyone else.

Therefore, it was interesting to see the results from a new study that evaluated American teenagers and which social media apps they preferred.

It was obvious that Facebook was not a popular choice by miles as so many teens were busy leaving the platform. However, trends reveal that this will only get worse for Facebook this year and beyond.

Another surprising finding was related to an overall decline in the ages of Facebook users which continued to decrease with time.

Facebook is said to lose nearly 1.5 million of its teen user base in the next three years and the fall will be more prominent amongst those falling in the 12 to 17 age bracket. Moreover, only 35% of users hailing from that age bracket would continue to use the app this year, with a further decline to nearly one-third.

On the other hand, you can expect to see an increase in Gen Z when compared to new Facebook users by next year and that’s another confirmation of how the platform is losing so many of its teen target market. But the trends continue to reflect a younger fan base.

In the next year, you could well be on your way to seeing a gap between American Gen-Z users and American Baby Boomers with the former having increasing stats. Within the next three years, this gap will widen further, clearly signaling how age is the leading driving force here.

Remember, Gen Z is certainly on its way to growing up fast. Along the way, it’s only normal to see some come back and rejoin while others join for the first time.

Similarly, the opposite is true for baby boomers who continue to age with time and that means a quicker exit from social media than expected.

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H/T: Insider Intelligence / eMarketer
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