Elon Musk Explores New Breakthrough Option For Successful Twitter Takeover

Whether or not Elon Musk will be the new owner of Twitter, well, only time can tell. However, it’s quite evident now that the billionaire is pulling out all of the stops to get a hold of full ownership.

The Tesla CEO is now exploring another breakthrough option that could potentially increase his chances of gaining ownership as it provides a different path to taking full control.

Analysts in the tech market may seem wary about the seriousness of the offer but we thought it would be interesting to see what it was all about.

Musk is making sure he experiments with all potential offers that could increase his probability of full share for the platform. And that entails bypassing Twitter’s board and handing his fate into the firm’s shareholders’ hands.

The news comes at a time when the billionaire had put forward a fresh filing on Thursday but after looking at the response given by Twitter’s board members, he’s now getting his hands on a potential tender offer.

This means purchasing a few or perhaps even all shares of Twitter from stockholders directly. And that appears to be aligned with the Tesla CEO’s tweets who wrote, “Love me Tender” to confirm the move.

But it’s not as easy as it seems as the new route chosen by Musk is much more difficult to gain complete control of Twitter. He may be getting the support for the tender bid but it’s a tough journey to success.

A recent report by CNBC highlighted how Musk is busy securing $46.5 billion so he could actually go ahead with the offer, in case it actually ends up being accepted.

Hence, while so many experts and analysts may have overlooked it as being super low or perhaps a media stunt, the new reports confirm how serious Musk really is at the end of the day.

From the start, Elon Musk’s move to gain ownership and promote free speech on Twitter has always been a little skeptical, to begin with. For instance, he’s always been trying to silence others and any content that he detests.

Moreover, let’s take a look at how Tesla has a long history of silencing others and shunning the theory of free speech principles altogether.

At the moment, it’s not easy to figure out what Musk’s real plans may be for Twitter as a whole and if he is really keen on taking ownership. But one thing is for sure, constant jokes being made by the billionaire are indicating that he views it as something that has high stakes.

Did you ever think about what would happen with Musk actually won the bid to control Twitter? What would he do? Are there any issues that would require his attention more than others?

Well, bots are definitely an area of interest where many issues arise and while the platform has been trying to tackle the problem, they haven’t been too successful. Can a man like Musk with zero experience in running a social company actually make things better?

And that’s what many people believe is the biggest problem. Musk may be very optimistic about change, but he lacks the know-how regarding the implementation of different improvements.

Well, people are very wary because giving the mega-rich members of society more control regarding Twitter’s rules is risky. Did we mention the daunting thought of providing him complete control over what needs to be published online?

Keeping things in perspective, there’s one question on people’s minds. Would Twitter become better with Elon Musk in charge? Well, nobody really knows. For now, it’s interesting to see what other moves the billionaire uses to get what he wants.

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