DuckDuckGo Cracks Down On Substandard Content By Blocking Some Pirate Website Listings (Update: Bug)

Search engine DuckDuckGo (DDG) has reportedly begun removing all links relating to unreliable and potentially dangerous content, particularly results with site search operator, such as

Recently, TorrentFreak highlighted how the privacy-focused search engine is working hard on its mission to block out some listings to some of the world’s leading pirate websites. Common examples of links being removed include Fmovies, The Pirate Bay, and another popular one 1337x.

Therefore, users who tried to look up the domains on the search were unsuccessful as they simply couldn’t find any relevant match for their results.

Similarly, it was noted how both streaming and respective ripping sites like Flixtor and 2conv had also produced zero significant results.

But when it came to sites like RarBG that are known for being pirated outlets, only one result would turn up, which was a huge accomplishment when it comes to curbing piracy. After all, with no check and balance in place, you’d probably end up with thousands found elsewhere.

Tech experts also noted how the leading YouTube-dl tool for video downloads had failed to produce results. The news comes despite the app’s defensive statements relating to legality.

Remember, the RIAA did recently announce how YouTube-dl was a piracy tool. However, that was shot down by claims from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a few others. They believe it certainly doesn’t entail protected material and hence can’t be eligible.

DuckDuckGo is yet to comment in detail on the matter, despite numerous outlets reaching out to them. But one thing is for sure. TorrentFreak revealed how copyright violations would ultimately cause chaos in the end.

In case you didn’t know, this is the same search engine that announced back in the year 2018 that it would no longer show any support for pirate ‘bangs’ and hence was on a mission to remove them. These are shortcuts are used by pirated platforms which have similarly been down-ranked from both Microsoft and Google too.

So what’s the benefit for DuckDuckGo? Well, the company is allegedly setting itself for freedom from expensive legal battles relating to copyright concerns.

Updated: DDG CEO claims, "we are not "purging" YouTube-dl or The Pirate Bay and they both have actually been continuously available in our results if you search for them by name (which most people do). Our site: operator (which hardly anyone uses) is having issues which we are looking into."  

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