Amazon Makes Onto The Unsafe Working Places List For The Third Year In A Row

Amazon may be quick to deliver packages, but they are not very efficient when it comes to delivering humane working conditions in their warehouses. The company is under scrutiny again and is now reportedly making a list of the most dangerous workplaces in the US. That too for the third time now!

If you are unaware of the workings of COSH or more commonly known as Council for Occupational Safety and Health, then worry not, as they are a national advocacy group regulating and monitoring working conditions in numerous organizations. Their list Dirty Dozen now includes Amazon. While the massive package delivery platform has to say otherwise, the facts and figures prove that they deserve to be on the list, if not at the very top.

The list signifies the unsafest places to work in America. Amazon earned itself a name there with an injury rate that is double the industry average. Six deaths were also reported at the platform’s Alabama warehouse. Shockingly, it has not been there for decades and only initiated its workings in 2020. Their one day delivery comes at a shocking price for human lives. According to the advocacy group, workers are made to complete their shifts regardless of their health condition. Reportedly, an ill worker was forced to work and succumbed to his illness. According to Amazon’s internal workings, the worker did not have enough paid time off!

The platform forces its workers to work long hours to meet the demand. The pace of work is hard to keep up with given the number of workers present at the given time and may result in more injuries. Amazon also managed to break COVID-19 health regulations by refusing to implement any safety protocols in their warehouses. A worker was fired after they protested the lack of safety regulations and hazardous environment. The bizarre case was taken to court, and the judge ruled that Amazon indeed fired the worker over the protest. The judge also stated that Amazon should offer the worker’s position again. News platforms asked Amazon to comment on the recent scandals. They always maintained that the workers were provided with the best conditions possible in the factories. The platform commented that the worker was removed from their position because they were not in line with Amazon’s language policies. It comes as no shocker that Amazon failed to provide any evidence in court to back up its statements. Amazon continues to trend on the news for violating working regulations and made onto the list back in 2019 and 2020. They now share the list with businesses such as Starbucks and Dollar General

Unfortunately, making it onto the list will cause no direct impact on Amazon; however, it does cause a lot of damage to their reputation. The business forced its workers in Illinois to report to their shifts during a tornado, and that ended up killing up to six workers. Not only this but the company is also being accused of faking charity programs to conceal its actual injury rates. Amazon does not shy away from firing its workers if they protest against the company’s inhumane working conditions. It is no surprise that they will be on the list for many years to come.

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