YouTube takes a look at the Frequently asked Questions of its creators and shares insight about its algorithm

YouTube was launched in 2005 and quickly became the go-to place for millions of users to watch videos. Because of these many users and creators on the app, there were bound to be questions about how the app works. The users and creators have started trying to understand how the app works and what exactly are the systems and algorithms of the app. So when their questions started piling up YouTube finally made the decision to make a video on the Creator Insider channel addressing the more frequently asked queries of the general community of YouTube and its creators.

The questions were answered by Rachel Alves who works in the recommendation system of YouTube which is responsible to give the user recommended videos or shorts according to the videos that a user has already watched on the app. She appeared on the Creator Insider channel to answer the frequently asked questions about the app’s systems. She also gave answers to questions about the algorithm that the app uses and how the creator can work with those algorithm highlights to make sure that their reach grows, and their page becomes one of the most frequently visited ones on the app.

The most asked questions included questions like how is the channel monetized? Is it done by the amount of content or the amount of viewers? Which for the record is done by how many times a user visits the profile and watches the content within, it has never been done using the amount of content and the platform has no intention of ever changing it from that way in the foreseeable future at least. The strategy for this as recommended by Alves is that creators should plan and aim for a long term strategy while focusing on what is in their content rather than the amount of it.

The next one was that is it a time-wasting strategy to create content on the currently trending topics? While necessarily it is not a bad strategy to create content upon the most trending stuff it can be harmful as trends are only for a short time and after that time the interest of the users or the general audience begins to dwindle thus they lose what little interest they had and jump to another topic leaving that one stranded behind.

Another very important question was whether deleting offensive comments will have an impact on the reach of the video? Well it does not as long as you have a few comments that need to be deleted. So if a creator wants to delete any offensive or spam comments they are free do it as they wish.

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