Mr. Beast's journey to becoming the highest-paid YouTuber

Joe Rogan recently uploaded a video of an interview with Mr. Beast on his YouTube channel 'PowerfulJRE' discussing how Mr. Beast became popular on YouTube.

Mr. Beast claimed in the interview that he has been working hard for this since he was 11, and he is now 23, making it 12 years. He began doing YouTube 12 years ago, and at the time, he was making a dollar a day.

After making a few dollars now and then, he began saving for equipment so that he could make higher-quality videos for his YouTube channel. He invested in a microphone, a computer, and other items.

However, when he was 13, a friend discovered his YouTube channel, and because he was self-conscious, he deleted the previous videos, so we don't have access to his first few videos.

In his interview, he discussed the idea for his first video, which he produced when he was 11 and was about a game called "battle pirates" that he was playing when a hacker killed his base. And his first video received 20,000 views almost immediately, as viewers were shocked to learn that the game could also be hacked.

He told us that receiving 20,000 views on his first video was what got him hooked. He explained that most individuals take time to acquire views, but his case was unique, and that is how he became enthralled and motivated to produce more videos.

Mr. Beast had been doing YouTube consistently up to the age of 18, but he hadn't earned anything till then. But it was after he graduated from high school that he realised he had two options: move out or join a community college. He couldn't afford to move out since he didn't have enough money, so he was forced to attend a community college, which made him hate his life. He pretended to be going to college at the time but instead spent his time in his car editing videos. Despite failing school, he excelled in his YouTube career due to his obsessive passion.

He used to be so obsessed with YouTube that he would educate himself on everything there was to know about it, including what makes a good video, a nice thumbnail, excellent pace, and how to become viral, and he called it 'daily masterminds.'

That's where he got most of his information, and he wouldn't do anything else in his life but YouTube, which shows his dedication to it.

Mr. Beast also created various channels with basically the same videos as his main channel, but they are dubbed by voice actors in a certain language and put on those channels, allowing people from all over the world to view and enjoy his videos.

It's worth noting that the person who dubs Mr. Beast's Spanish videos is the same person who dubbed Spider-Man. Mr. Beast has also tried to recruit an anime voice actor to dub his videos, which is a pleasant surprise for Japanese viewers. The voice actor's identity, however, has yet to be confirmed.

Mr. Beast also has a YouTube channel called Beast Philanthropy, where he does a lot of things to help others, which is pretty mature for a 23-year-old man.

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