WhatsApp’s new update will allow you to save your messages even with in disappearing chat, learn more here

WhatsApp is releasing another update through its Beta testing program, upgrading the version to In the new version, the instant messaging app is introducing the ability to keep the disappearing messages in the chat to its users.

The disappearing messages enhanced the experience for WhatsApp users by giving them more privacy, so they can send messages in a private and short-lived chat. During the conversation, a user might send an important message that they want to keep in the chat while the disappearing messages are enabled. In the past, users used to disable disappearing messages and then forward the message to another chat, so it won’t disappear; however, the procedure was just clumsy.

To tackle this, WhatsApp is introducing an option that would allow the users to save that particular message in the chat, even with disappearing messages ‘ON’.

The new update would send the users an alert when they decide to send disappearing messages in the chat box, inquiring whether the user wants to save the message in the chat. Users even have an option to dump the message later on. When the user decides to save a particular message, the message won’t disappear from the chat after the expiration.

However, the new option is currently under development and is in a very stage right now. WhatsApp is working on many other features alongside this new option. The main cause behind this innovation might change before it’s officially released or might even get canceled.

WhatsApp has been continuously upgrading, evolving to provide its users with the best experience. WhatsApp has introduced many fun features that include reacting with emojis to the messages in the chat. The ability to watch Instagram Reels directly from WhatsApp, hiding your ‘last seen’ time from a specific contact, and much more.

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