WhatsApp is introducing some new features for Android and iOS Users

WhatsApp has decided to bring a voice pause and resume button to android users and the new Contact Info Page interface on iOS devices.

The giant online messaging application WhatsApp is all over the place right now. Since its inception, it has made a huge user base for itself. Today it is the most used messaging platform with two billion active users per month.

WhatsApp has recently started to bring some new features to both its Android and iOS users.

The Meta-owned platform has decided to give a new resume button while recording a voice note. As per WBI You can record a voice note and resume it in between and record the 2nd part afterward. This is going to be very helpful because we have often seen that without this feature either we discard the entire voice note because either we were distracted in the middle, or we need a piece of information to complete our voice, or we send the incomplete voice note and the 2nd part later. This feature is still not available to a lot of beta tester users, but it will be soon according to the company.

This new version is also removing a feature from WhatsApp which might be disappointing to some, or we can say to many. WhatsApp decided to take back the preview of images and videos when shared as a document file.

These two new features were introduced for android users, but iOS users shouldn’t be upset as WhatsApp is bringing a feature for them that have been available for android users for a while now.

A while ago WhatsApp brought a new and fancier interface for its Contact Info page. Initially, it was released for android devices, but now the company has decided to bring that feature toits iOS user base. The new contact Info interface is more user-friendly and has a better user interface. You can say the interface has a good UI and UX. It is also redesigning the UI of Group Info.

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