Starting from this week, YouTube’s users blocking option will have immediate effects

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the largest video sharing apps, used by millions of people every day. While it poses as entertainment for many people, it is also a way of earning money for some.

Creator Insider’s this week’s news video is out and it has 2 main updates for us.

Some people just want to be rude and spread negativity on every platform. To deal with those specific people on YouTube the block feature was introduced. The feature makes sure that if a creator blocks anyone who spreads either false news or makes rude comments on a page, the creator will not be able to see any content or comment posted by that person. The feature originally took 48 hours to be set into place, but now it will be put into action almost immediately and will ban the user from seeing any of the creator’s posts.

On this update there were mixed reactions as it is a good thing that a rude person will be blocked immediately, but if a creator accidentally blocked someone they did not want to they used to have a margin of at least 48 hours to redo their mistake and unblock that person. Now if they do make that mistake it will be harder for creators to realize and resolve it as the ban will automatically be put into action. Even though it will make things easier for many people, being accidentally blocked is something that nobody likes to be. More so it will cause problems for the creator as well as their relationship with that fan or subscriber would very likely be damaged.

Coming to the 2nd update, Shorts are videos that are only a minute or two long which appear on everybody’s home pages. They are videos of no great length and are suitable for when a person can’t decide on what to watch in their free time.

Many people make their earnings from the app and the Shorts Fund is a way for them to do exactly that. The Shorts Fund is the money a creator generates from their shorts based on performance aka the amount of buzz it generates and how many views they have. Creators are able to get their money at 5th end of each month and now the creators will be able to collect the money they made in February through the Shorts Fund.

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