Twitter is testing out a bunch of new features and here’s what we know about them

Currently, Twitter is working on some new features where you can add pronouns to your profile, add a Community shortcut on your home screen and you’ll be able to see ‘Author’ in comments sections to easily recognize who is the author of the post.

Author Label

Alessandro Paluzzi
, a reverse engineer, tweeted this week saying that “Twitter is working on the ‘Author’ label”. This label will be shown below the Author’s profile icon in the replies section so that it’ll be easier for everyone to quickly identify that this is the author of the post. When the author replies to any of the comments under their tweet, most people get confused and can’t distinguish if the author is addressing any of the comments, with this new feature, however, it’ll be easier for them to distinguish between the author and other commenters. Facebook had introduced this feature back in November 2019,most of you might have noticed the Author tag above their profile also, in the comment section when the author is replying to any of the comments under their posts. As for when we are going to finally access this feature, nothing can be said.

Community Shortcut

Last year, Twitter introduced a very social feature of ‘Communities’, a dedicated place for people who share the same interests, ideas, and beliefs, to connect, share and get closer. Just like Facebook groups, Twitter communities are social engagement platforms created and managed by people on Twitter, which aims to make it easier for people of common interests to engage. As per a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter is currently working on the ability to add shortcuts to a community on the home screen of your phone, which means that community members would be able to directly access their community’s feed through the shortcut on the home screen, without first opening the Twitter homepage, and then searching for community posts.

On your community’s homepage, you’ll see three dots on the top-right of the screen, by clicking that you’ll have three options with one of the options saying “Add Shortcut”. By clicking that option you’ll be able to create a shortcut of your community on your home screen.

Add Pronouns

After other social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram,and LinkedIn, Twitter has also tested the feature to add pronouns to a user’s profile. In 2021, when Twitter resumed the verification requirement forms, it gave a little hint about this new feature. As per Engadget’s post, the company was testing the feature for some time now but soon they are going to be introducing it, however, no timeline has been announced yet. As soon as the feature is accessible on your device, you can write any pronouns of your liking on your Twitter profile from the edit profile information column, where you’ll find an option of “Add Pronouns” below your profile information.

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