This new update of Facebook is now blocking off people, here's why

Is Facebook being cautious or imprudent? The new update of Facebook leaves it’s users confused as Facebook has administered to lock the profiles of some of it’s users without any preceding well grounded announcement.

There seems to be a serious glitch with the new two factor authentication system of Facebook. Almost everyone in the world is familiar with Facebook and at some point has been a regular user. Some people use Facebook to kill their time, many people also earn through their respective pages or groups while others use it to communicate with their relatives and friends. But a few days back some of the Facebook users got an inscrutable and peculiar email regarding advanced security requirements for their Facebook accounts (AKA Facebook Protect). According to this strange email, the last date to upgrade the security was March 17, 2022.

As we all are familiar with the vicious and remorseless hackers people have become somewhat watchful and vigilant, according to my contemplation this is the sole and only rational purpose that numerous people have ignored that email. Many users across the globe who did not take this email seriously have faced major troubles in logging in to their respective accounts. Not only this, but the users who had upgraded their account’s security and took that mysterious email seriously also have faced issues in logging in their accounts and have been locked out of their accounts. Hence it is being thought that there must be some sort of enormous glitch occurring with this new update of Facebook. Many users have also sent messages to the customer care but unfortunately no news in regards to this update has been provided from Facebook.

In my estimation this update was made to ameliorate the security concerns of Facebook users, but rather than Facebook becoming a secure social platform, with this update it has become a source of irritation for the users owing to the fact that whether the users have upgraded their security as per the email requirements before the dead-line or whether they took it as a fraudulent scheme and did not take any steps to improve their two factor authentication, regardless of their actions Facebook has locked the profiles of it’s users.

People have become relentless and are complaining on different social media platforms for this mess that Facebook has begun but for now let’s see what the future holds. Hopefully, the company will soon respond to the non stop complaints of its users and give a positive response.

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