The UK government is drafting a new bill that will criminalize cyberflashing, Here’s everything you need to know about it

In the UK, Cyberflashing is about to become illegal, anyone who’s found practicing the act might get locked up behind the bars for up to two years.

The act involved sending graphic pictures of the private parts of the body to victims indecently via social media platforms or data transferring services like Bluetooth etc.

According to the statistics, nearly half of the women were the target of unwanted sexual pictures by men and among the victims, teenagers have the highest ratio.

The U.K. government is drafting an online safety bill, which will help bar harmful content over the internet. According to the MPs, this new bill can help prevent the abuse and violence against children and women.

The new change will give cyberflashing the same maximum punishment which is given to an individual who violates the U.K’s indecent exposure law.

The new bill gives the responsibility to websites or social networking apps to fight against harmful data content shared through the platforms.

Jeanette Forder from Rochester, Kent opened up about becoming a victim of the unethical act. The 57 years old started receiving inappropriate pictures and messages after she registered up an account on Meta’s Instagram to promote her business.

According to Forder, she started receiving private messages on her business account. The entrepreneur would check the inbox just in case it might be from a potential client. However, one individual started harassing her online, relentlessly messaging her, claiming that they get to know each other better. After Forder turned down the offer, she started receiving unsolicited messages from the man.

Forder further added that the person sent her intimating pictures which made her feel very uncomfortable even just thinking that the pictures were in her inbox. Forder has welcomed the new bill and expects a change in the law.

With the UK government’s attention towards the new bill, the commons must've passed a draft outlawing the act. The new change gives women encouragement to fight against unethical acts.

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