Meta restrict users from posting death threats and hate speech against Russians on Facebook

Meta urges Facebook users to refrain from targeting Russians and spreading violence against them.

In the current scenario, Russian forces are destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure which causes a high number of casualties and injuries of Ukrainian people. The dispute is still unresolved. On social media, people from all walks of life are posting slogans and protesting against Russia. Users around the globe have started directing others to send death threats to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin due to the Russo-Ukraine war. Users are persistently targeting Russian civilians along with Russian military personnel on social media platforms including Facebook.

With this in mind, on Friday, Meta clarified that it is completely illegal to defame others. Concerning Vladimir Putin, the company gave its stance that no one is allowed to post discrimination and abusive language against Russian civilians whom we cannot blame for the circumstances. According to Meta, freedom of speech is another thing, while posting death threats against someone is entirely against the company’s code of conduct. On the other hand, initially, Meta had allowed the Ukrainian people to dial calls for the brutality of Russian armed forces in the context of the Russo-Ukraine war. But, now Meta has revised the policy and provided a clear stance about hate speech against Russians, that this kind of activity is strictly prohibited on the social media platform.

Everyone knows that Facebook allows all users to post their point of views against different topics. In addition to it, it also provides a free hand to supporters to post in favor of Ukrainians. But, from now on, people are advised to avoid hate speech. Facebook and Instagram have been blocked by Russia to avoid threat calls and defamation. Meta clarified that their policies are for the people’s defense not for spreading hate in the world whether it’s Russians or any other nation. Consequently, Russia filed a case against Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta for calling them, murderers.

In short, all social media platforms allow users the right to express their thoughts and suggestions but, nobody is allowed to harass any individual and spread violence in the community.

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