SpaceX, Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says He’s ‘Optimistic’ About The Future Of Climate Change Thanks To Solar Powered Technology

Founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk is sharing his thoughts on the future of climate change. And it’s safe to say that he appears very optimistic about the whole ordeal.

The billionaire revealed how confident he was regarding society’s attempt at solving the climate change issue but he wasn’t quite sure when that would be.

Similarly, Musk spoke about his predictions regarding the innovative use of solar power and how strongly he felt that would be the right way for civilizations to be powered.

Musk was caught speaking during a recent interview alongside the CEO of Axel Springer where he stated how the earth’s climate change issue would surely be resolved but when exactly that would take place, he didn’t know.

The Tesla CEO also made a number of predictions regarding the element of decarbonization and how that could be better achieved with the help of solar energy. He then elaborated on the possibility of this transition through the help of technology that would store the sun’s energy so it could be used in the near future.

“There is no doubt about the fact that the sun shines throughout the day and at times, it’s quite cloudy. At times, you will need solar batteries and that is the long term way that civilization would be powered”- he continued.

But until and unless the transition to solar becomes feasible for all, Musk stressed the importance of nuclear energy maintenance by adding, “I think it’s total madness to even think about shutting them down” and then again reiterated how it was absurd to even think about it.

The billionaire’s comments about nuclear power plants shutting come in light of Germany’s call to try and phase out nuclear energy forms, after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima in March 2011.

Earlier, Musk had called for greater reforms relating to nuclear energy in Europe as the Russian invasion of Ukraine was in its early phase. During this time, Germany’s reliance on Russian oil was underscored heavily.

While the number of natural disasters taking place in Germany was not on an extreme level as those occurring in other parts of the world, the nation is subject to greater risks from earthquakes, storms, and floods.

The exact timeline as to when the world’s climate issues will be solved is still not known but Elon Musk’s great optimism believes the next 15 years are critical for a widespread change.

Photo: Businessinsider

H/T: Insider.

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