Instagram May Soon Allow You To Interact To Stories With Voice Messages And Images

Instagram has always been on the lookout to introduce diverse ways of enhancing interaction. And reports suggest the app is working hard on two new rollouts that could soon change the way you reply to Stories.

Recently, Instagram gave users the option to add ‘private likes’ to Stories. But they don’t plan on stopping there as the company may well be on its way to another breakthrough feature that provides an innovative response.

The addition of voice messages as a means of interacting with clips and images from your followers is being hailed as a great breakthrough. Along with that, the app hopes to also allow users to include picture responses to Stories.

Alessandro Paluzzi who is a famed developer says the app wants people to be more expressive when giving out their responses to Stories. His discovery came with a screenshot that featured the new feature.

But it should be noted how the Instagram is yet to confirm the news. After all, not all of its features are always up for approval from the public through press releases but if this one manages to pull through, then there’s no complaining from many people’s side.

Previously, Instagram stated how it wished to introduce private likes on stories with one goal or motivation in mind. This was related to reducing inbox clutter.

However, the rolling out of voice messages would end up countering this philosophy. After all, users are well aware of how much clutter voice messages can end up giving to an inbox.

As far as picture responses are concerned, the update certainly isn’t sounding like a majorly new feature in its entirety. But, it’s guaranteed to generate much more engagement than regular Instagram Stories would.

As previously seen with apps like Snapchat, the picture response feature is keenly loved by users who adore pulling out their most silly or goofy images as replies to snaps in general.

But there are some who feel there is no point in displaying a photo of a certain thing that was activated with a modification.

Similarly, others spoke about how it could potentially serve to confuse users further into believing the feature is currently available to someone.

But why is Instagram hopping on to these features in the first place? Well, taking things to a new phase of communication is the call of the day. So experts believe, why not?

How popular this feature will end up being is definitely unpredictable. But one thing is for sure, the app is definitely on a mission to revolutionize the way people interact with Stories as a whole.

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