Soon, people will be able to make medical appointments by using Google search

Google search plans to introduce a feature through which most equitable health will be made available for the general public.

During the most crucial times of COVID-19, the chief health officer of Google, Dr Karen DeSalvo observed that almost every person on Earth is aware of the fact that they can lean on to Google with their questions regarding their health concerns. Around millions of people search for their symptoms online. Hence, due to COVID-19, Google authorities came up to a conclusion that Google should aid everyone and everywhere to live a life in good physical conditions. The authorities of Google put in their strengths and expertise to support their 3 Cs that are the caregivers, the consumers and also the communities present all around the world.

Dr Garth Graham who is the director and the global head of the healthcare as well as the public health partnerships at Google health and YouTube, also discussed the health mission of YouTube to provide proper access to health information. Starting this week, YouTube is going to add health source information panels on the videos to help the people to identify the videos from a trustworthy source.

As per the reports, Hema Budaraju, a senior director of product management at Google came up with a feature through which, the users will know about the appointment availability for the health care providers. Hence a user can easily book an appointment regarding their medical concerns. Google is currently working alongside as a partner with MinuteClinic at the CVS (which stands for consumer value store and it is an American retail company that refills and transfers the prescriptions online) and other service providers. This is surely one of the many ways that Google is trying to make health accessible to each and everyone.

In my opinion, with this facility provided by the Google, people will have more access to the medical information, specially those people who are not able to pay visit to their respective doctor or for those people who do not have any regular health care providers will be able to make the most out of this feature and will be ensured with the best possible health.

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