Samsung May Dive Into Metaverse For Its Future Growth

If you want to know what Samsung is going to do next, you have to look at its stock price, which hasn't changed much. In its Shareholders Meeting that was conducted recently, the tech company talked about its plans for the future, reports Hankyung. People at the company said they are going to use robot technology as well as the metaverse as a fresh perspective to help the company grow.

At the same time, Samsung wants to expand its business by buying companies in the AI technologies, 5G, and automotive industries. Samsung previewed its long-term business plan this week in the meeting. This was done to ease fears that the company didn't have enough new growth engines.

As compared to the Samsung competitors, it hasn't prepared well for the future. In 2016, it bought US audio electronic manufacturer Harman for $8 billion. Samsung hasn't made any big acquisitions since then. It looks like Samsung is going to start dipping its toes further into metaverse as experts start to point out that the company's stock isn't doing as well as it should be because it doesn't have a lot of future growth sources.

A blockchain-based virtual universe, Metaverse is a place where everything is possible. A lot of people have related it with the Matrix films. As part of Samsung's Metaverse strategy, the company hopes to support the development of robotics and metaverse businesses.

Galaxy S22 owners will no longer be able to use thousands of gaming applications because of the "Game Optimizing Service" (GOS) problem, due to which Samsung has to face a fall in the price of its share.

If Samsung follows through with this plan, it might have a significant influence on the company's performance. You can see how this would be a big change for the Samsung company because it would no longer just be about making physical things and focusing on virtual ones. People think that the Metaverse project will be done soon.

Vice-Chairman Han of Samsung stated early last month that the company plans to create its own Metaverse product since the technology is becoming more popular in the world. No release date was mentioned by him in any of his answers. However, it is believed that the technology will be introduced in the near future by Samsung.

In the grand scheme of things, the metaverse is now known as augmented reality. Industry insiders think the device will be a set of smart glasses that can show ARtechnology.

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