Reddit Experiments With Mod Notes Here's What Does It Do

Reddit is a social network where people from different parts of the world having similar interests and hobbies gather for having the most authentic conversations. Most of the memes that we find on the internet are made on this social platform.

Now, Reddit has decided to elevate the game by launching a new feature and named it “mod notes”. Mod notes assist to give the reviews of the past activity of each user on Reddit by giving an insight of how a user has helped and had been playing their parts.

But the question is that how does one avail this feature? It's like an authority, the admin or moderator of a certain group has the power to create the notes based on the performance and activity status of any member of that group and attach these reviews with the profile of that user for the future and already existing members of the community.

As to where you can access the mod notes left on any user’s profile, Reddit officially made comments, that said, if one desires to access the mod notes they could be found on the home page of the user’s profile and only the moderator with the permission granted by the user can make changes with the notes.

These reviews do not have anything to do with the members of the community but are more relevant to the moderators because these notes provide the activity background of each member.

Talking about the power a moderator has, they can grant a member with one out of 5 official labels on Reddit:

• Helpful

• Good Contributor

• Spam Watch

• Spam Warning

• Abuse Warning

Now, moderators not only have a way to pinpoint and tag a member with a bad previous record of activities but can also come across the shining bright diamonds of the community easily.

Well, these efforts made by Reddit to help a user having more insight about the other user does seem quite interesting, and other social platforms can also adapt this experimental launch if they are seeking to provide the users with a background of another user.

Talking of which Twitter is already found to be experimenting with something similar but with a different name i.e., Birdwatch experiment. This feature requires no moderator, and a user is allowed to leave a review on any doubtful tweet to give more clarity to it. In February 2022 Twitter decided to not leave it till there and brought modification to this experiment, now any user is allowed to view the birdwatch notes and reviews left by others to get the context of the situation.

On the other hand, Reddit notes are not public means no regular user of Reddit could view them. The other issue with the mod note is that the bad reviews by the moderator does not affect his profile nor does the good reviews because per rule a member with a previous record of receiving a certain number of warnings should be kicked out by the group and the user with good reviews must have his content given priority in the community for being a decent user. But that does not seem to be the case here, giving the decent users zero credit for their cooperation in society.

Besides Twitter, Facebook is also witnessing experimenting with its new feature “downvotes” that can be used as a dislike button to reduce the credibility of the comment made. Downvotes can also be used to tag and separate the users based on their either good or bad contributions in the group.

Reddit said that their experimental launch had been developing for a month before its launch to prevent any potential risks. But as for Reddit and its users, wouldn't it be really helpful if one could find a community with the most trusted members scrutinized via mod notes to build a next-level connection?

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