New Bill Is Going To Effectively Implement Filters To Discourage The Digital Piracy

According to a new bill introduced by the senate, the online copyright law could be reshaped but this cannot be done without the help of the web companies and the tools yet to develop to filter the objectionable content effectively. This filtering would be completed by the copyright offices.

Strengthening Measures to Advance Rights Technologies (SMART), the act of copyright of 2022 which was introduced by the Thom Tillis and Patrick Leahy booth senators, are planning to give the copyright office the task to prevent the copyright law break by working on the technical tactics in the process of development.

And all those companies that grant their users the permission to post content on these platforms now must abide by the usage of technical tactics or choose to stand before millions of dollars of copyright law breaking allegations and lawsuits due to the content posted by the users of the app. The companies in concern are: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Currently, the duty of safe streaming without violating copyright law is on the shoulders of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because it protects the companies from breaking copyright laws for all of the posts by its users, considering the fact that if a request is made companies immediately act and remove the post violating the copyright law.

The reports including the companies that have the long list of violating acts deliberately and not taking the actions for its prevention on time were put forward boldly in the bill.

It is the intention of the congress to gather both creators and companies on a single platform and encourage them to work together to protect the copyright and as a result, the users, as well as the bill, could move effectively towards this aim. It was the kind intentions presented by Mitch Glazier, Chairman & CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America.

Besides the major tech companies, all the platforms that represent the creators, including the American Association of Publishers and the Independent Film & Television Alliance also had to pay the charges. All their deeds in the past made them pay in the present. You must have heard, as you sow shall you reap. This is exactly what’s happening to these companies.

But that’s not it! The legislation is also targeting all the online websites, as this bill wants to enforce all the websites to use technical tactics and supervise every posted content that the consumer uploads, analyze everything, only post those created content which does not break and violates the copyright laws. Said Nicholas Garcia, policy counsel at Public Knowledge, today.

According to him, this law will result in the implementation of rules and policies effectively on the mass community. Although the lack of experts in the technical department of the law implementation in the current times seem compromised and lacking.

In a document titled 'Myths & Facts', if the enforcement of copyright law is done honestly then the material can be made available for the public with ease.

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