Chrome takes a bold step by swapping the right click image search with Google Lens, all the desktop lovers should be ecstatic

Google Lens initially offered only for phones but now it has been added to Chrome desktop as well. It is a feature that helps you search for or translate any text you have with you at the time.

Now the people who dive deep inside the web to search for images have found that Google Lens is now the only reverse image search choice if you tap on any picture on the Chrome version.

This means that any user who has the newer version of Chrome when right clicks their searched picture on Google will see a pop up. The Pop up will ask them to use "Google Lens" instead of Google images.

While many of us forgot about reverse image search, the fact is that it still exists and Google is offering it to give people access through Google Lens.

The tech firm has rolled out the change quietly; however it is clear that they are pushing the reverse image search technology through the Google Lens moving forward. The company is always working towards newer and smarter ways of working and all their advancements are loved by users.

While not many people have caught up on this, we are sure they will, and if they are Google Lens lovers then they will be ecstatic. Google is always working towards great updates and features and we can’t wait to see what else it will introduce in the future as well.

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