Meta unveils Smart Glasses With AR Technology that allows Messenger features to Ray-Ban Stories

Social media giant, Meta adds an array of smart features in its most awaited classy Ray-Ban's frame spectacles, generally called Ray-Ban stories.

Well, it's not new to hear Mark Zuckerberg's plan of rolling out AR/VR smart glasses that provides a virtual touch to the users belonging to a real environment. Before going any further, let's look at the recent software updates. Now, with Ray-Ban's digital glasses,you can send and look through unlimited messages. All you need to do is, utter 'Hey Facebook', and then say your desired message. You can also make voice calls to your relatives and friends over the Messenger app.

Not only this, one can capture photos up to 500 and short videos (30 seconds) on their smart glasses and can post them on different social apps, for instance, Instagram and WhatsApp. These wearables are also designed to offer Media playback services. What I mean is, with these Augmented Reality based glasses, you can tune into multiple playlists, skip music tracks one after another, playback and stop songs without using your hands. This feature is embedded on the right side of the spectacles. Isn't it amazing to witness everything that occurs right in front of your face? However, to use these hand-free features, you have to download firmware on your glasses.

In addition to it, one best thing about these wearables is that it favors your protection too. In other words, there is an LED light indicator embedded on the glasses that makes people aware of the fact that they are being captured or recorded. The recorded content will be shown on the newly launched Facebook view cellphone app.

So, what could be the estimated price of these Ray-Ban glasses? According to The company sets a $299 starting price for these gadgets, enabling the public to experience the virtual world. Honestly, I think these digital glasses are built-in with the ability to compete with Snap spectacles. The wait is almost over, as reported by Engadget, these glasses are now available from today in Canada, the UK, Italy, United States, and Ireland on Ray-Ban’s official websites and stores.

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