Messenger Adds An Array Of Shortcuts That Include Sending ‘Silent Replies’

Facebook’s parent company Meta is rolling out a new shortcut for Messenger that gives users the ability to send silent replies but that’s just the start.

Other shortcuts allow users to call while chatting with their contacts, giving you the chance to multitask.

The company has unveiled two of the shortcuts today and as revealed by Meta, one particular exciting functionality is the "@everyone" that allows users to notify those involved in the chat as a quick way to get people’s attention. But we sure do hope people begin to use this new feature in a more responsible manner. After all, constant pings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In case you want to send out a text without involving the whole group, Meta says you can do that too by using its “/silent” functionality.

Users need to keep a lookout in the next couple of weeks for the launch of a few more shortcuts that the brand feels will take things to the level, in terms of user ease. For instance, the “/pay” shortcut gives users the chance to either send funds or request cash directly from the app’s chatbox. Both iOS and Android users based in the US can avail this feature soon, explained Meta.

To see what other potential options for GIFs you might have for your chat, the app will allow you to type /gif too. However, this will soon be available only to iOS users for now. Similarly, common emoticons that users once had to type out in whole would now be accessible through the “/shrug” or the “/table flip” shortcuts, adding great convenience.

Meta hopes the new feature and shortcuts for the Messenger app can be great at sending out reminders or making sure everyone in the group is notified about a particular announcement. Similarly, it hopes those time-sensitive questions that require quick responses get highlighted for user ease.

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