Google Stunned As France Fines Tech Firm $2.2 Million For Abusing App Developers

Tech giant Google is in the spotlight again and this time around, it's making headlines for some not-so-great reasons.

France has allegedly accused Google of abusing app developers and that’s exactly why it has fined the Search Engine firm with a mega $2.2 million lawsuit.

On Thursday, hundreds of employees could be seen walking out of the firm’s European headquarters located in Dublin. These individuals are said to be a part of a campaign against the US tech firm’s decision to handle cases relating to sexual harassment, as revealed by sources.

Similarly, a number of protests were reportedly staged in cities such as Singapore and London too.

A recent report by a media outlets in France stated how the Paris Commercial Court had accused the search engine giant of carrying out malpractices that went against those app developers who worked for the official Play Store.

In the recent past, similar questions were raised against Apple and other leading tech giants who failed to understand the seriousness of the situation. But this time around, Google is being held accountable for the growing issues with its app creators.

The two-million-dollar fine comes as the French Government says it will not overlook the reported abusive acts that have managed to attract the attention of many others around the globe.

A recent report from Bloomberg spoke about how the fresh array of allegations has even forced the tech giant to adjust at least seven different clauses arising in contracts issued during the time period 2015 to 2016.

But despite their efforts, many employees working at Google continued to protest in New York where they allegedly staged a walkout regarding their sexual harassment claims.

Soon, a new account arose on Twitter called the ‘Google Walkout For Real Change’ that called all employees as well as contractors to leave the office at 11:10 am sharp around the world.

Many experts believe Google has failed to assess the severity of the situation and will now have to face the repercussions of its actions with this new lawsuit being at the center of the world.

Other critics have claimed that the main issue arose with the 30% commission upon revenue generated by Play Store developers, dating back to 2018. Despite both Google and Apple facing a trial relating to imbalances of fair pay concerning their app developers, Google has always defended itself by stating how it provides support that allows these developers to create their own sustainable business.

For instance, they lowered the service fees for apps belonging to 99% of developers to 15% and below. But that decision doesn’t seem to be applauded as the French Commercial Court stands by its decision to fine the Search Engine giant.

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