Is internet liberty a thing? Know about the most restricted country as well as the least restricted country in the world

One of the richest developing countries, namely China, is the most restricted country having the least internet freedom.

In the recent times of COVID-19 we came to realize the importance of the internet in our daily routine. Not only it became a challenge for us physically but also mentally. Every single human being almost ran out of things to do. At that critical period of our lives, the internet became our knight in shining armor. It is only because of the internet that people had hope in such a crucial and hope wrecking period, students got to carry on with their curricular activities and people came into possession of new learned hobbies for their time to spare.

But you will find it interesting that no country is given 100% digital freedom even in this century. Even though the internet has somehow become a basic human right, we can justify these restrictions on the basis of some point of references such as the violation of other user’s rights, censoring sensitive content and socio-political obstacles etc. Up to this point the internet freedom index has only enlisted 70 countries based on their rank of restrictions. On the scale of 0-100 the country having the bigger number indicates a greater extent of the country’s internet freedom and on the contrary the lower the number on the scale designates a country with little internet freedom.

Based on the report which I was astounded to read, China is the most underprivileged country on the testimony of the internet’s freedom. On the scale, China has a score of only 10, which caught me by surprise in view of the fact that China has been listed as one of the richest developing countries. On the other hand, Bahrain and Russia have a score of 30, which is quite low but if set side by side, these countries have more freedom of the internet as compared to that of China. Whileduring the times of the Russo-Ukraine conflict, Ukraine was on the score of 62!

If a person from a certain internet restricted country does not abide by its law or deliberately disobey the certain code of conduct by posting content against the authorities, that person could end up in jail for up to five years and even ordered to carry out correctional exerting.

Up until now, the top 5 countries having the most freedom of the internet are Iceland, Estonia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom respectively. Iceland has held the title for being the most pre eminent country having the most digital liberty for three years one after the other in a trot consecutively. On the freedom index, Iceland scores 96 points which supersedes all other countries in the freedom index but it is shortly followed by Estonia which scores 94 points.

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