Instagram Is Testing A New Feature That Enables Users To Support Social Causes Through Hashtags

Instagram is busy conducting tests that enable users to show their support for social movements by hashtags.

The company announced the decision on Monday and hopes to make things so much simpler for users in terms of discovering and supporting different social causes with the help of hashtags.

This means all you need to do is simply search for a specific cause or social movement through hashtags. And that’s when you’ll be given the chance to support it via an array of innovative options.

After getting to the hashtag page, all you need to do is click ‘Support’ so you can learn more about the cause selected.

Similarly, users will also be given the ‘Spread the Word’ button that allows you to share any hashtag page of your choice with friends or loved ones through a DM.

Instagram hopes the new feature will help in raising awareness for so many causes via their ‘Create a Fundraiser’ option, where users will be given the chance to raise funds for the cause selected.

The news came via a public blog post by the company where they hope more and more people will learn about social movements while assisting in getting the word out to others too, along the way.

The company says that hashtags have continued to help people discover so much on the app and it hopes it will now be able to do the same with social movements too.

“There are so many who join Instagram so that their voice can be heard, to highlight issues and causes, and also to provide support for them all”- the platform revealed.

Instagram says updates like these are important in today’s age where so many users are on the lookout for making a change in society but don’t know where to begin. Hence, what better way to kickstart the initiative than this?

Similarly, Instagram outlined important social movements like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Climate Crisis,’ and ‘Women’s Rights’ as common examples that many people keep an eye out for.

The company has also been in talks with a number of leading organizations like AAJC, NAACP, and GLAAD so it could carefully select its range of hashtags.

In the end, the app spoke about its goals to enhance the new rollout feature by working with these different organizations whose input they consider to be valuable.

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