Instagram has finally decided to provide some creators real-time support

Creators are the most important assets for any social network and these social media companies often introduce new features for their creators, as these creators are the major revenue generator for them.

Creators can use Instagram to collaborate with brands and earn good money. People regularly engage in social media due to these creators. We typically see creators having millions of followers and thousands of comments and likes on their posts, which encourages brands to approach them for their marketing and pay the creator a huge amount of money. This is eventually benefiting the social media company, so it is natural to think that these companies will do their best to make a creator's experience better.

Following that footstep, Instagram is introducing a new feature for its creator community, which will enable them to get real-time support. Instagram will not be the first social media to do so, as Pinterest and YouTube are already up in this game. This feature will in the long-term benefit Instagram a great deal. It is going to make the application more user-friendly, or you can say creator-friendly and more creators will switch to Instagram. Alternatively, in the future creators will prefer Instagram more.

All the social media giants have a support system, but they do not have an In-app support system, and the support system that they provide is often inconvenient to use. Most ordinary people give up their accounts and create new accounts instead of going through all this trouble and there have been cases that creators having millions of followers have faced the issue of an account being blocked or restricted and when they have asked the support system of the particular social media platform it has taken time to reactivate their accounts. Which has cost them time and money. So with this feature, these creators will no longer face the inconvenience of approaching the support system and waiting for their response.

Whenever a new feature is introduced by one social media platform all other social media platforms start keeping an eye on the feature and user reviews and if it was warmly welcomed by the user then in no time other social media platforms would introduce a similar feature, sometimes even copy the feature with a different name. The most popular examples are the story feature of Snapchat and the short video concept of TikTok. These two Features were copied. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp added the story feature and even Twitter tried the same feature but was unsuccessful. YouTube and Snapchat copied the short video concept of TikTok. It is mostly like this feature of the in-app support system will be copied by other social media platforms.

H/T: u/JR32OFFICIAL / Reddit.
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