Here’s What You Can Learn from TikTok’s New Brand Marketing Report

Just two or so years ago, TikTok was considered to be an upstart platform that was disrupting a few markets in developing countries but was not all that likely to become the biggest social media platform anytime soon. Fast forward to the present day and TikTok has managed to become the hottest platform out there bar none, and that’s something that has changed the landscape of marketing as well as various other things that social media tends to have an impact on.

Despite the relatively high rate of growth that TikTok has seen with respect to its monthly active users, brands have not been as keen to adopt the platform as their marketing solution of choice. That might be due to a conservative approach on their end since platforms like Facebook were the ones that initiated the shift to digital marketing in the first place, and TikTok is the first platform to change the game in that regard but this is something that many brands are slowly becoming accustomed to.

Around half of all major brands in the world still don’t have any kind of presence on TikTok as reported by Invideo. That includes competitors like Facebook and Google as well as the major furniture brand IKEA. However, in the case of the former it might be because they are wary of encouraging users to switch over to a competitor’s platform and in the case of the latter they may just be an outlier among brands that are more eager to look into TikTok and how it can help them market their wares.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the brands that have decided to use TikTok in their marketing campaigns have found quite a bit of success. Their optimal posting rate is about 3.52 times per week which makes sense since it means that they will be posting every other day which is ideal since it would prevent oversaturation but would still hit the sweet spot that would allow them to keep themselves within the minds of their target market.

Music is also a really big part of what brands use in order to make their videos more engaging. 80% of the videos that performed best on the platform had some kind of music, with upbeat pop music being the most popular form of audio content that is utilized for that purpose. Using a celebrity or an influencer is also something that many brands are looking into, with 25% of top videos featuring someone that conforms to one or both of those labels.

Around 87.3% of videos that were studied on TikTok used a hashtag, with the average number of hashtags per post being more than 3. This can allow videos to become visible for other users that are interested in a specific topic, and there is also a high rate of engagement that can be seen with around 12 engagements being recorded for every hundred views. However, TikTok itself was behind five of the top ten videos on the platform which is surprising and it indicates that TikTok’s users are yet to crack the formula that will allow their videos to perform better. Take a look at below charts from "TikTok Brand Marketing Report 2022" that shows how brands can leverage TikTok in 2022.
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