Analysis shows that the flow of data mainly takes place through mobile phones

According to stats, it is now evident that most of the news on the internet has been created via mobile phones. The adaptability and mobility of smartphones make it possible to create data anywhere. This is hardly surprising given that cellphones have long been omnipresent and inexpensive for many people. More striking fact is the comparison of data being produced on mobiles phones than on desktop or laptop systems. Almost 57 percent of data is generated on smartphones.

Statista conducted an analysis based on Statcounter data to calculate the proportion of regions who prefer to use desktops for data creation. According to the stats, Europe, North America, and Oceania still have firm belief in desktop systems and they can’t get enough of it as their whole system depends on the PCs. In the previous year, desktop computers delivered 53, 51, and 57 percent of information on the internet, respectively. Besides them, African people have now adapted mobile payment methods that do not demand a bank account anymore to handle daily spending.

This strategy was first reflected in the market share of smartphones which is expected to cross 70 percent. Talking about browser choices, even with a wide range of mobile options, interfaces, makers, preferences are a bit traditional as people opt for the same browsers they have been using since the beginning. The information created on Google Chrome is nearly 63 percent in the year 2021 whereas, Apple browser Safari accounted for 25 percent. Indeed Samsung is the leading company of mobile phones and one of the top sellers in the market but still the information created on Samsung’s browser is only 6 percent. Not sure why, but people don’t usually prefer Samsung’s Internet for traffic generation.

So far, the concept of traffic sharing from mobile devices is being utilized in Africa and the whole region is adapting the service real quick. The ratio of mobile devices to computer desktops is rising significantly.

Overall, the flexibility of mobile devices accounts for the increasing flow of data on the browsers through them. A lot of factors contribute to this including availability of network, ability to carry devices alongside, and generate information from everywhere. More countries are slowly and gradually moving towards this concept but those who work in a proper system of monitor setups like to continue the work in their traditional way.

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